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Date:   Thu, 13 Dec 2018  
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Corporate Machine constantly strive to be innovative and create new support options that give greater flexibility to organisations. Our call pack service is one such example. This is a type of support pack that gives you the option of buying hourly rates upfront rather than taking up a contract or a standard support pack. With a call pack, you effectively purchase blocks of labour time that you can call upon as and when you experience a problem.

The benefits of our call packs include:
You get great flexibility and control over the amount of resources yow wish to dedicate to IT maintenance and support.
You can stock up on labour time and use it as and when you need to.
You pay an upfront hourly rate for each call pack hour ensuring financial transparency.
You can use your labour hours for any purpose – eg any machine,device or problem experienced.
You can buy call packs in bulk – stock up and refill as and when you need to.

Our success to date with the service of call packs tells us that they bring great flexibility to a variety of customers. Companies who particular find them useful include small to medium size firms and larger multinational companies who are able to source  parts and funding from the parent company located abroad but require im