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Broadband Telephony is an end-to-end fully integrated solution for the provision of business and residential voice services using broadband access technologies.

Our DIGITALK Multiservice Platform (MSP) is used as a central part of a Broadband Telephony service, with the main aim of keeping billing, provisioning and customer service for telephony customers on one platform. Most importantly, Service Providers can use VoIP as an alternative access method to get subscribers onto their network to help increase revenues.

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Broadband Telephony is one of the products that are supported enabling Service Providers to offer multiple services from a single and highly scalable network platform. This has been developed as an integrated solution which enables the deployment of services to both residential and business customers from a common network infrastructure.

Broadband Telephony is supported by a fully integrated Network and Service Management software suite and has integrated billing capabilities, including real-time rating that enables Service Providers to limit the potential for fraud and bad debt through prepaid service options.

Broadband Telephony services also have the added flexibility to provide subscribers access to their accounts through an online web portal which includes a customer self-care facility. The web portal not only allows subscribers to manage their accounts, but also provides the Service Provider the capabilities to sign up new customers online, which both reduces the overheads of customer call centres and improves the time to revenue for new subscriber accounts.

Both on and off-net calls are routed through our DIGITALK MSP to offer both the Service Provider and the subscriber visibility of non-chargeable calls through web accessed service management. Provisioning of new customers is through Service Management interface, simply by creating an account and adding the relevant SIP user name. This type of solution means that both agents and customer service staff only need to operate one network and services management system.

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