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Date:   Thu, 13 Dec 2018  
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TELECOM - Reseller SMS Callback

Reseller SMS Callback

In a number of countries, incumbent operators continually try to bar callback services in order to protect their monopoly. Typical methods of blocking callback may be to prevent DTMF digits being sent thereby making it impossible to dial the destination number once you have received the callback or by blocking access to the callback number range completely.

The Citrus SMS callback service can overcome these issues and is one of the market leaders in this sector.

The basic concept of the service is that a customer sends a text message containing the destination number and within a few seconds receives a call back with an announcement that the call to the destination number is being placed, although this service is available through other operators, the Citrus SMS callback offers many features that are not available elsewhere such as:
• Accounts sold by either pre-paid cards or on-line sign up
• Multi lingual prompts (specified by agent)
• Multiple users per account
• Support for non English character sets
• Integrated into an existing web site
• Fully built as a white labeled site
• Specify callback destination in SMS message
• Programmable connection charges for each call leg
• Balance enquiry via SMS
• Time to required destination advice via SMS
• Traditional callback trigger via single fixed line number*
• Web triggered callback
• Statistics and monitoring via internet
• Advice of destination costs via SMS
• Agent reports of active cards and outstanding credit via SMS
• Agent balance reports via SMS
• Balance transfers from agent to customer via SMS
• Balance transfers from customer to customer via SMS
• Activation of customers via SMS
• Time limiting of calls set up between two remote parties
• Time remaining or balance remaining prompts (set by agent)
• Optional variable call back and connection charges per agent
• Multiple rate tables per agent
• Automatic retry of callback or destination call in case of failure
• Bulk de activation of customers via SMS
• Call back destination restriction to prevent sales area conflicts
• Call history request via SMS
• Speed dial
• Agent interrogation of PIN details via SMS
• “Roaming service” for inbound calls *

Use Of The System
• Customer purchases card or PIN of fixed value.
• Customer sends SMS containing the PIN number to gateway number i.e. “123456789”.
• System sends SMS with account balance back to customer.
• To make call customer sends blank SMS to gateway number and system calls them back. When the customer answers the call they are given a UK dial tone and then dial the required destination.
• Alternatively, dependant upon the SMS number being sent to, the user sends an SMS containing the number they wish to call (in international format) and the switch will make both calls and link them together

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